Blacktop Mojo “Band of the Month” Dec. 2016

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Time for the announcement of our Band of the Month for Dec. 2016. Enter Blacktop Mojo.  We’ve been big fans of these guys since the first time we saw them live back in early 2015.  This is not the first time Blacktop Mojo has had the distinction of being Krave Radio’s Band of the Month and we’re sure this will not be the last.

A few months ago, Krave Radio stumbled upon a cover that deserved attention and plenty of airtime. Blacktop Mojo’s cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”* is an absolute treasure. Quite honestly, in this writer’s opinion, it’s better than the original. When listening to the song for the first time you get the feeling Matt (lead vocalist) could possibly pull it off and hit Tyler’s legendary falcetto G#5, in fact you’re even rooting for him…  AND… wait for it… He does! While this is a cover, you still get the genuine feel of Blacktop Mojo, a band who has a vast list of influences.

Of course we didn’t select Blacktop Mojo solely on this song. The band has been hard at work creating new music. Their sophomore album “Burn the Ships” is set to come out in March 2017. The band says this album will be an exciting follow up to “I Am”, their 2014 debut album.  They’re not reinventing the wheel with their new album. In fact, the album will be exactly what Blacktop Mojo fans have come to expect from this gritty, hard hitting, harmonic band.

Personality had quite a bit to do with our selection this month as well. The members of Blacktop Mojo are a great group of guys who truly enjoy music and entertaining. Their live performances do their music justice as the band provides crowds with highly energetic and entertaining shows. Not to mention, their acoustic performances give you an intimate illustration of their musical ability.

If you are unfamiliar with Blacktop Mojo, we strongly encourage you to find them and give them a listen or catch a show.  We think you’ll agree, this band’s star is on the rise and it is well deserved.


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*Blacktop Mojo – “Dream On” is available for purchase beginning Dec. 16, 2016 on Spotify, GooglePlay, and iTunes.

Blacktop Mojo – “Dream On” Video



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