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Advertise with Krave Radio

Why Advertise with Krave Radio?

Television or newspaper advertisements can take weeks, if not months of production before the target audience ever sees them. Radio advertisements can be written, produced and aired all in the same day if a station has open advertising slots on its program log. Those “avails” slots are hard to get during the December shopping season, but should be easy to offer during the rest of the year.

Krave Radio not only can get your ad up in hours and minutes instead of days and weeks, we reach more than the local “listening area”, we reach the entire WORLD!

What benefits are offered by Krave Radio?

Many potential clients may be confused by the term “target audience” because they want to sell their products to everyone. That’s why they often waste money on ineffective newspaper or TV advertising that doesn’t reach their potential customers. Internet Radio formats make targeting a regional or global audience easy.

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